Sarita brings intelligent compassion and creative wisdom in generating an extraordinarily safe and supportive developmental community. Her brilliant course design and unique response to each person in each particular moment facilitates students entering territory that has been previously unavailable to them.  Those who attend her classes will discover untapped beauty within themselves and uncover unbounded power in becoming the person only each can be. Put yourself in the hands of this masterful human being and be amazed as you unfold in ways that bring you more and more alive, profoundly more contributory and fulfilled as never before.

James Flaherty MCC, Founder of New Ventures West Integral Coaching

The LYAL experience was exactly what I needed at this point in my life's journey.   As a result of my time in this year long course, I feel more energized and powerful.  I have greater skill to notice when I am being directed by old stories and ways of being that are no longer serving me, more courage to ask for what I need and accept support when it is offered, more awareness to catch myself when my "human-doing" overwhelms my "human-being" and greater power to consciously create my "third act" of life. Sarita and Angela are angels — wise and compassionate, able to skillfully attune to each participant and his or her needs, and my fellow participants have provided the courage, acceptance and support that I needed to step more boldly into my own self-exploration. I'm so very grateful to have had this opportunity.  It was time and money very well spent I am certain it will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Julie Cullinane-Smith, Management Consultant, Leadership Coach and Lifelong Learner

Entering into a stage of life as a new mother while also managing a new, thriving business I was seeking a supportive container to witness my continued unfolding and desire to build a more connected and true relationship to life. The [LYAL] container that they've created has been exquisite and transformative – the blend of community session, intimate coaching, dialogue with highly esteemed thought leaders and powerful practices have uncovered many new and powerful insights. The inquiry has been healing, full and provocative. It has reminded me that the journey to my authentic self is not a straight line or something to be achieved but rather an expansive and magical exploration. It has calmed me immensely while improving my capacity as both a mother and business leader.

Cherie Gardner, Executive Coach

The Art and Practice of Living Your Authentic Life (LYAL) program has deepened my self-knowing in a compassionate and supportive space. The community of practice and the teachers' care, humor and wisdom all create a safe place for real growth and greater contribution. I'm very grateful to have been a part of it.

Carrie Knerr O'Brien, Executive Coach and Founder and Managing Partner of New Leadership Distinction

I've had the privilege of being both a student and a client of Sarita's over the last 5 years - starting with the professional coaching course, moving into several master classes, and trusting her as my personal coach for a period.  She is a tender-hearted soul, carrying a luminous smile, a poetic verse, and probing reflective questions to both comfort and splinter you simultaneously.  I have never felt so safe and so scared and so hopeful as when I am seated in her class or talking with her over tea. It is clear why her students and clients return, continuing to seek her out as dear friend, wise teacher, and skilled provocateur. Sarita is a special presence. If you ever have the chance to call her teacher, coach, guide or friend, consider yourself blessed.

M. Qunell, Operations Manager at Intel; Executive Leadership Coach

Working with Angela was a gift and a blessing at a time when I needed it most. She helped me get unstuck and see more clearly.  I felt listened to and heard in a way I hadn't experienced for a very long time, if ever.

B. Marcioni, Internet Entrepreneur

Sarita embodies grace, wisdom, courage, beauty – and not only for herself; her rare gift of presence manages to allow me and others to access these attributes within ourselves as well.  I first met Sarita in 2001 when she led my Coaching to Excellence course, and then later on as my mentor, teacher, coach, colleague and finally, friend.  She manages to combine compassion with an unflinching inquiry into our narratives and self-deceptions and then she knows how to hold these and work with them in many different ways, bringing forward what is needed most in that moment.  It is a true and life-changing gift to be able to study and work with Sarita.

Janine Everson (PCC), Director and Sr. Lecturer, Centre for Coaching (Pty) Ltd, Univ. of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

I didn't even realize I was putting on different masks or affects in different situations and with various people until I worked with Angela. I am so grateful to her for helping me identify and truly be the real me.

K. Pryce, Public Relations Manager 

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