LYAL 2.0

Offered in four modules, the focus of LYAL 2.0 is on deepening development, furthering unfoldment, and connecting more fully with yourself and others while "out there" in the world. LYAL 2.0 is open only to alumni and can be taken in individual modules or consecutive modules. 


Each module will be held over four days (Thursday evening, a full day Friday and Saturday and a half day on Sunday). The fee for each module is $2,450.00, however if you enroll in all four, you'll receive a discount and pay a total of $9,310.00. 


LYAL 2.0, Module 1: January 10-13, 2019

Generative Life Design 

LYAL 2.0, Module 2: March 7-10, 2019

Embodied Presence

LYAL 2.0 Module 3: June 6-9, 2019

Deep Relating

LYAL 2.0 Module 4: September 26-29, 2019

Conscious Beingness in an Unconscious World

LYAL 2.0 Module Bundle package: January-September 2019

Generative Life Design, Embodied Presence, Deep Relating and Conscious Beingness in an Unconscious World


Quarterly Topic Calls provide an opportunity for us to come together and be in developmental dialogue on timely topics of exploration. Each call includes a pre-call pondering or practice, a meditation, wisdom on the topic for consideration, supportive material and discussion. Calls are led by Sarita and Angela, but made dynamic by the participation of the entire LYAL community. Each call costs $75.00 and will last about two hours. You'll receive a Zoom invitation about a month prior to each call.


Topic Call 1: May 30, 2018 at 6:30pm PST

Authenticity and Impeccability: What supports impeccability of word and deed as we unfold, ever more fully, into our authentic selves?


Topic Call 2: August 30, 2018

Topic TBD


Topic Call 3: November 29, 2018

Topic TBD


Payment via cash, check, PayPal or Venmo is accepted. Please contact Sarita to enroll.

Please note: In the event of cancellation, the deposit for the program is non-refundable and applicable to your chosen program. At the facilitators discretion, your deposit may be be transferred to another program offering.​ Full tuition is due one month before the program begins, unless an alternative payment arrangement was made.  If this is not viable for you, you are encouraged to speak with us about your situation and we'll do our best to accommodate you. You may cancel 30 days or more prior to the start date of the program, and your tuition is fully refundable minus $1, 000 for administrative costs. If you cancel between 30 and 14 days prior, you will be refunded 50% of the tuition fee. If you are on a payment plan and have not yet paid in full, 50% of the program fee becomes immediately due. If you cancel less than 14 days before the program starts and have not yet paid in full, the full tuition fee becomes immediately due. No refunds are given within 14 days of the start of the program.​​ If you withdraw from the program at any time for any reason, your tuition will not be refunded. If the tuition is being paid in installments, the full amount becomes immediately due upon your withdrawal from the program.